Charity24 Marathon Challenge

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01. Septembar 2014.


Start of a new challenge who will change the world


Because YOU help children with a cancer who need help, plus you help people around the world with your generosity, and the most exciting thing, is that YOU can challenge another people to donate in this program and to collect generosity at some point!


Charity should be rewarded ! 




About us


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was bring more than 19mil$ in campaign...

From September 1. new way of challenge coming, this is Charity24 Marathon Challenge!


So YOU need to decide if you will accept the challenge or not?


Why this challenge is so SPECIAL? This is The Miracle STORY!




Fifth challanger - Vin Diesel
Fourth challanger - Dan Bilzerian
First challenger - Kristijan Kiki Golubović
Second challenger - Novak Đoković
Third challanger - Chonchita Wurst